Digital Anemometer AM806

Product Specifications:

Wind Speed Measuring Range 0.3~45m/s
Accuracy of Velocity ±3% ±0.1dgts
Air Velocity Unit m/s, Ft/min, Knots, km/h, Mph
Wind Volume Range
Max/Min Air Velocity Measuring
Temperature Measuring Range 0~45℃
Accuracy of Temperature ±2℃
℃/℉ Selection
Backlight Display
Auto Power Off
Analog display
Resolution 0.1m/s
Data Hold Function


Power 9V battery
Product Net Weight 192g
Product Size 221mm x 66mm x 33mm

Stock Availability:

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Whenever the need arises for accurate measurements of wind speed and pressure, you’ll need an anemometer. Relied upon for many centuries due to their ability to report specific changes in wind direction, and used to this day by many local and national weather stations.

The Digital Anemometer AM806 is produced using high-quality, rugged materials. The compact design makes it easy to use in almost any situation, including tight and close quarters. A bright backlight and a large, LCD display make it easy to see your results even in areas of low-light. A data-holding feature will allow the unit to retain your most recent measurement, and you can set maximum/minimum measurement parameters.

While most commonly used by meteorologists and technicians that work in the HVAC industry, the practical benefits of owning an anemometer extend to many other circumstances. For anyone that enjoys the outdoors, it’s an excellent instrument to have for sailing, fishing, hunting, and those that shoot for sport. Hobbyists often use it to test wind direction before flying kites or model airplanes. Tech-savvy individuals that build and repair computers trust its accuracy for measuring the speed of CPU fans. Whether for sport, hobby, or industrial use, this a great tool to have by your side.


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